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Kim Miyoung is the owner of New Korea Restaurant in Marina, CA. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she immigrated to the U.S. twenty years ago. She has only recently become the owner of New Korea Restaurant about three months ago.

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(0:00) The interview begins. (0:25) Kim Miyoung saying she has owned the restaurant for about three months. (1:06) Kim explains that in a Korean restaurant, the food is very healthy and delicious, but can take a long time to make. (2:23) She says that she came to the U.S. twenty years ago and that her hometown is Seoul. (4:22) Kim regards the Korean community here in Marina as very helpful. (5:31) We begin talking about Kim’s favorite Korean foods as well as menu recommendations. (7:02) Interview wrap up.

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Charlene Roberts; Sara Vernetti

Interview with Kim Miyoung (New Korea)



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