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Patricia Hong is the daughter of the owners of Hong’s Market, located on 302 Carmel Ave in Marina, CA. Established in 1970, Hong’s Market was initially called Su’s Market and was the first Asian grocery store in Marina. It was owned by her aunt until 1979, when it was purchased by her parents who renamed the store to Hong’s Market.

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(00:00:00) Patricia Hong gives a brief introduction to the market, its history, and community need for it. (00:08:33) Ms. Hong discusses the customer demographics of the market over the last ten years. (00:14:56) She explains how COVID-19 and the pandemic have affected the business; in terms of the change in shop layout and product bulk-buying. (00:21:07) We mention their Instagram page and discuss how it has brought influence to new and existing customers. (00:26:18) Ms. Hong wraps up the interview talking about the market’s famous homemade kimchi, authenticity, and personal comfort foods.

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Eriel Jeneviv Zuniga; Kerstin Istafanous

Interview with Patricia Hong (Hong's Market)



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