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Mei-Ling Wong is a second-generation Chinese American who was born in Kunming, Yunnan in China. Mei Ling moved to this country and met her husband Joon Xiong who was born in the same region. They both have been working in the restaurant business for the past 30 years. For the last 20 years, they have been working together in different types of restaurants in the Monterey bay area. In 2018 they decide to open their own restaurant named ``Sushi Hut '' and by applying all the knowledge they have developed in the past years, they build a menu with a mixture of different traditional recipes from Japan and China culture.

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(00:00:00) Mei Ling explains the different types of food that they sell and how these types of food are not from a particular culture in fact she mentioned that their menu is made from different types of food making their menu a multicultural one. (00:04:42) David, one of the family members of Mr. Xiong and his partner, tells us about some of the difficulties they had during the COVID 19 virus pandemic. He explains how difficult it was for him since he was a student who had to pay for his studies. (00:07:48) Joon Xiong explains some techniques that make the taste of his food have an original and special flavor that makes it different from fast-food restaurants. (00:09:15) Joon Joon explains who his potential customers were and his fear of Mexican customers as he wasn't sure if they would like his food. He also explains to us that regardless of the age of the people, what they want is for their customers to have the greatest satisfaction tasting their dishes. (00:10:25) Joon explains some of his goals and what he expected when he opened his restaurant. He also mentions to us the importance of his clients and the satisfaction he feels when he sees that people really enjoy his dishes.

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Elizabeth Vasquez-Sanchez; Daniel Brambila

Interview with Mei Ling Wong, Joon Xiong, and David Xiong (Sushi Hut)



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