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Colette L Drouillard grew up in Michigan and later lived in various places, including Boston, Tallahassee, and London. She received her PhD in Library Science and is now an Associate Professor in the state of Georgia. During the pandemic, she moved to Michigan to care for her mother and joined the Auntie Sewing Squad to help others.

Thematic Summary

(00:00:21) Colette L Drouillard talks about her childhood, where she grew up and what it was like living in an almost segregated community. (00:11:38) She speaks about her job as a professor and the experiences she's had working in her field. (00:19:34) She speaks on how she found out about the Auntie Sewing Squad and why she decided to join. (00:26:43) She continues to talk about how the sewing squad changed her perspectives and inspired her to start a club on campus. (00:34:58) She discusses how she decided to encourage students to wear masks on campus by creating a giant mask and putting it onto a statue on campus. (00:40:10) She discusses the impact the sewing squad has made on her life.

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Evelyn Paez; Eunice Sosa

Interview with Colette Drouillard

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