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Brenda Robles is a first generation, a Mexican-American, Chicana, born in Hawthorne, California. Her parents immigrated from small farm towns in the state of Jalisco (Mexico) to Echo Park back in the 70’s. She was raised in the South Bay (Lawndale). Growing up, her family was lower-middle working class. Her dad was a truck driver and her mom a housekeeper, where she still continues to clean houses in Manhattan Beach. These experiences led her to get her PhD in public health from UCLA and later, join the Auntie Sewing Squad.

Thematic Summary

The interview was divided into two sections: her background and how she became part of the Auntie Sewing Squad. Starting from the beginning of the interview up to 10:39 Robles discusses her childhood, interests, where she was born as well as her parents, any challenges growing up etc. From 10:39 Robles explains how she became part of the Sewing Squad and some challenges they faced. Robles then discusses the 2020 election at 19:21. Lastly Robles discusses how the pandemic has personally impacted her at 22:06.

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Jennifer Carrillo; Paulina Zacarias-Montejano

Interview with Brenda Robles



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