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Magic Steps is a combination of excepts from two of the most challenging and memorable pieces of music ever written: The “Queen of the Night” from the "Magic Flute" by Mozart, and John Coltrane’s solo in “Giant Steps”.

I chose this to end (at least for now) the Brandenburg 300 Project because the Brandenburg is the first music heard on the Voyager Spacecraft Golden Record that recently left our solar system, and “Magic Flute” is the last.

This recording, like all of them, rests on the extraordinary talents of Albert Wing, Mike Miller and Pat Woodland. I cannot describe the pleasure of experiencing their genius and humanity that making this music allowed me. I hope that the future discovers their work, and my context.

It’s been over 10,000 hours of work, all of it, I assure you, passionate and committed. There is no fame or financial reward - only a few CD’s have been sold to strangers in all these years (and there is no other way to listen to the body of work in the order I think it needs to be listened to) - but I (hope and) believe this is something I was put on this earth to do.

As you listen to this final piece, please know this is a gift to my friends, and a prayer to my God.

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