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The Brandenburg 300 Project Honors and Thanks Sam Hicks and his Family

Representing all of the law enforcement, fireman, national defense and other heroes - and their families - who protect us.

Sam Hicks was a great police officer in Baltimore who became an FBI Agent, and was ambushed by criminals. He is survived by a wife, children and colleagues who loved and admired him.

In his honor, and to honor all of the policemen, firemen and all of the other first responders who protect me and my family, and us and our families, we honor Sam Hicks.

I have only had three good friends from law enforcement over my life, but all three had something in common. They had all lost dear friends, who were close colleagues, to ambushes. Each had a wife and small children, and my friends hearts, indeed every fiber of their being, went to those left to suffer. In this they are like all of us who lose a loved one who had fought for us, and been there for us in tough times. What’s different is that each of my friends at some point, would also softly and reflectively say, “It could have been me.” That is different, and a burden that I wish I could, but cannot lift. All I can do is honor these heroes and their families who cared for us, and believed in the goodness of the people of our Country so much they were – they are - willing to pay the ultimate price.

I didn’t know Agent Hicks, but my friend did. When I read Sam’s story, and I reflect on my friends, what I know is that Justice is in good hands. Acting every day with imperfect knowledge, they believe in truth and the enforcement of law, with the hope that in the case before them, for the people involved, that a kindness for all of us can be obtained.

The standard for honoring people in this Brandenburg 300 Project is that they be the kind of people the world would be better off if there were more of them. Agent Hicks and each of my friends, and the thousands of people who run towards the gunshots, or towards the fire, unquestionably exceed this standard.

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