Document Type

Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


This is an action thesis based on an electronic portfolio project in partial fulfillment for a Master of Arts in Education from California State University Monterey Bay for Spring 2001. The purpose of this project is to provide prototypes of the different possibilities for development of digital/electronic portfolios for K-12 students and to provide this information through the World Wide Web found on this K-12 Electronic Portfolio Web site project ( In the process of research, I made contact with teachers and students around the globe who answered questions relevant to electronic portfolios. Educators and students alike demonstrate through their Web sites practical electronic portfolios and how they are utilizing technology in their classrooms. A body of information was gathered in this project that supports K-12 electronic portfolios. Through this exploration has surfaced the many different ways learners show what they know and how their knowledge has been acquired. The focus of this project is to give you an idea about the many forms this documentation can inspire. This electronic portfolio project serves as both a process and a product of the information gathered. As a result of this project, the K-12 Electronic Portfolio Web site has been developed to share this information with teachers and students. It includes numerous samples of authentic student work from around the globe in multidimensional forms and the many interpretations of "electronic portfolios." This Web site is designed to be user friendly and accessible as a resource for the development of electronic portfolios. There are references for further study and templates for creation of different types of electronic portfolios. Furthermore, there are Web addresses for networking purposes. There is also a hardware and software information section for support of electronic portfolio projects. By mixing and blending sound traditional classroom pedagogy with constructivist pedagogy, the best practices of the past can enhance education further by using today's technology. We honor our students by valuing their multiple intelligences. A student's evolving process in education is honored when his or her voice is represented in his or her portfolio.


Thesis (M.A.) Institute for Advanced Studies in Education