Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


This action thesis examines three ethnic and cultural groups: African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and Asian-Americans, and their perceptions of U. S. society. From individual interviews of the participants, the thesis identifies and analyzes the different feelings and perspectives of these three groups. By analyzing what they consider to have caused ethnic or racial problems to occur, it is possible, I propose, to narrow down cultural differences and hopefully discover ways to ameliorate the feelings of those minorities affected by racial or ethnic problems. Generation after generation, people have come to the shores of this great nation, to try to find a good life here. We must agree that there are many good characteristics about America that continue to bring immigrants here. Yet, after so many years living in America, minority people still feel that there continue to be many problems facing them in U. S. society. The focus of my study is to identify some of these problems, which the various minorities have in common, how each group faces them, and try to find solutions that make them better. To conduct this research project, I used the case study method. I recorded personal narratives by interviewing people from the three ethnic and cultural groups. After citing relevant articles and scholarly books, the data is presented and analyzed. The thesis concludes with concrete suggestions for improving ethnic and racial understanding in the United States.


Thesis (M.A.) Institute for Advanced Studies in Education