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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


This case study and literature review holistically examines how choice in independent reading material, reflection opportunities, and literacy activities affects the studyś participants ́motivation and willingness to read. Eight students were chosen for the case study and a qualitative research design was utilized that included questionnaires, anecdotal notes, at-task observational analyses, and exit interviews. The participants of the study were male and female seventh graders with varying degrees of reading level, English proficiency, and motivation to read. The study took place in a central California predominantly Hispanic and Caucasian middle school in a small rural kindergarten to twelfth grade school district. The subjects participated in Silent Sustained Reading and Independent Literacy Exploration three times per week for six weeks. After data collection and analysis, there were many connections between willingness to read, motivation to read, reading materials, and giving students choice in their education.


Thesis (M.A.) School of Education