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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


This phenomenological study explores the academic and professional expectations that some Greek parents may have for their children and how these expectations might be influenced by gender and other factors such as parents ́personal background, SES, educational level. The study also attempts to uncover successful ways to educate Greek parents and help them understand their important role in their childrenś career development, and help them both challenge the stereotypes and the prejudices about the appropriateness of certain careers. Based on a phenomenological approach a variety of methods were used such as in-depth interviews and open-ended questionnaires to uncover how the participants experience the phenomenon. The findings of this study revealed that Greek parents play an important role and exert a great influence (positive and negative) on their childrenś academic achievement and career choices. Findings also indicated that Greek parents are willing to work with their children and their schools on the development of a program which will provide them with the tools for supporting their childrenś academic and professional goals. Based on the recommendations made by the participants of this study together with those suggested by the literature, I formulate, in the last chapter of this thesis, a basis of a plan that will be able to draw parents into a close working relationship with their children and their schools and help them all acquire a better understanding of career pathways within the framework of gender equity.


Thesis (M.A.) School of Education