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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


his master's thesis investigates the origin and entry of commercialism onto the public school campus, its forms of presentation, and its manifestations in student, teacher, school, and community lives. There is a focus on defensive measures taken to both regulate the presence and restrain the growth of schoolhouse commercialism. A survey of teacher response to the Milwaukee Principles for Corporate Involvement in the Schools (1990) and to seven forms of commercialism defined by the Commercialism in Education Research Unit at Arizona State University, relates national sociopolitical trends to presence in schools on California's Monterey Bay and in neighboring districts. None of the teachers surveyed were aware of the Milwaukee Principles for Corporate Involvement in the Schools, although all or nearly all were favor of each of its eight principles. Teachers reacted to commercialism on campus with overwhelming negativity. Voicing shock, despair, and frustration, educators cited many forms throughout an average school day. Some teachers accepted this despite strong disapproval in a moral bargaining of necessity. In response, this thesis offers an action resource pamphlet that arms teachers, students, parents, and community members with information about the root cause of corporate involvement in education, its modes of expression, and our rights against its encroachment. This work is given in love and hope, to all school-age children in the United States. May they be allowed the benefits of a healthy diet, and the afforded the opportunities of an equitable teacher-to-student ratio, that can each spirit in meaningful connection to the curricula. Let this be qualified too, by nothing other being a student at any public school in this country today, and at this point in the social development of our conscience as a people.


Thesis (M.A.) School of Education