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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science (M.S.)


Computing and Design


Outsourcing in multimedia animation is a three phase research project in order to create a comparative analysis to obtain a hypothesis in three categories: 1. What are the comparative pros and cons of multimedia animation outsourcing? 2. What the benefits/disadvantages of multimedia animation outsourcing are in terms of costs, quality and time effectiveness? 3. What are the historical, current and future trends in multimedia animation? This research was conducted by literature investigation, qualitative interviews of several small to medium to large business in the beginning to advance states of this industry. Topics in history, industry trends, budget, saving time and cost, quality employee and social responsibilities, cultural issues and more were reviewed in this research. These companies either outsource or are outsourcers in the multimedia industries In-House, Onshore, Nearshore or Offshore. The purpose of this research is to obtain new information from these selectively chosen companies' interviews for other companies who are, or planning to outsource, their animation to have another information resource. Multimedia Animation Outsourcing is considered the most current innovative technology and the wave of future in its learning phases. This research is an educational contribution to that technology.


Thesis (M.S.) School of Information Technology and Communications Design