Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Social, Behavioral & Global Studies


This research project will administer the Rand 36-Item Health Survey to a subject pool of approximately twenty-one people to measure their quality of life. The results of this study will be compared to a similar population of subjects who were administered the Rand. The results are to help describe the forms of class struggles that exist for disabled Americans. I describe the different forms of discrimination and the struggles that disabled Americans face. Specifically, I describe how those with Multiple Sclerosis meet the challenges of surviving. My research project is descriptive and the research question is, “what is the quality of life for clients of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Project in Monterey”? I administered The Rand 36-Item Health Survey over the phone. The study is not statistically valid due to the sample size of clients from MSQLP. Evaluating the 21 clients I administered the Rand-36 Item Health Survey to 17 of them were women and 4 were men. I scored each clients survey to discover their physical functioning, general health, and level of pain. I then calculated the mean for each area of all of the clients. I found that the mean for physical functioning is 40%, general health is at 73%, and the average level of pain is 12%.


Capstone Project (B.A.) Social and Behavioral Sciences Department