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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


The purpose of this study was to identify the technology skills and strategies that students with dyslexia use to overcome their learning disability. The literature suggests that there are many technologies that help students with dyslexia. However, the problem is that many students, families, and teachers do not know the skills and strategies that are most effective. The literature suggests many strategies that aid dyslexics performance in reading and writing. This research uses an Individualized Technology Plan to identify the technology skills and strategies that eighth grade students are using at a technology enriched independent school for students with language-based learning disabilities. This study compares student performance on the Test of Written Language (TOWL) when administered with a handwritten narrative and with a word processed narrative. The results indicate that students improve an average of 2.3 grade levels when they use a computer on written conventions and written language. All students use at least one technology strategy to help them with reading and an average of three technology strategies with writing. In conclusion, teaching students with dyslexia technology strategies for reading and writing makes a significant difference in their performance.


Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department