Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


This thesis is a qualitative study designed to identify interventions that teachers are currently using in their classrooms to support students who are exhibiting aggressive behaviors, and to determine the reported effectiveness of these interventions. The interventions that teachers reported using were then evaluated in order to determine whether or not they are considered to be evidence-based as cited in the literature review. Interviews were conducted with ten special education teachers presently working with aggressive students. Participants were asked about which interventions they were using in the classroom and which interventions they had found to be successful and unsuccessful, as well as, whether or not they were aware of those that had been identified as evidence-based. The results showed that while most teachers reported using interventions which can be considered evidence-based, only half of the participants had chosen these strategies after completing a functional assessment. The results of this investigation indicate a need for additional training in conducting functional assessments and in linking evidence-based strategies to the results of a functional assessment.


Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department