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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


The purpose of this research was to investigate how a district's itinerant special education vocational team, including teaching and vocational staff, can work together to better serve the transition needs of high school students with learning disabilities. The aim of transition planning is to help these students successfully access postsecondary opportunities, including jobs, vocational training, and additional education. The six participants that volunteered for this study were special education vocational teachers and staff members. Participants completed a questionnaire with six open-ended questions; took part in a semi-structured focus group interview; and provided archival data related to transition services provided for students. This investigation has provided information about how the special education vocational team views the challenges experienced in providing services; the core transition services that should be provided for students; who is responsible for providing these services; and ideas for change. Participants suggested three methods to increase communication among teachers and staff members: 1) To provide information directly to teachers, parents, and students about how to contact outside agencies and access available services; 2) To develop an online database to track transition services provided to students; and 3) To develop a consistent structured vocational curriculum that all vocational team members can implement. Outcomes of this research included: 1) Participants statements about concerns regarding the program; 2) Shared ideas about methods to improve communication among the special education vocational team; and 3) A commitment by the vocational team to work with the district's special education teachers on improving transition services.


Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department