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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


The purpose of this qualitative action research study was to examine prevention/intervention programs that: a) are widely used research based effective prevention/intervention programs; b) can be used within a school setting and/or day treatment program; c) can be aligned with the services provided by other agencies as the best suited program at this unique site that services 12 1st-12th grade emotionally disturbed youth. The procedures used was 18 pre-presentation interview questions answered by eight participants followed by a 30-minute powerpoint presentation on five prevention/intervention programs for students with or at-risk of an emotional disturbance. Data collection concluded with 18 post-presentation interview questions answered by six volunteer participants. An effective research-based program, "Why Try" was selected, as it offered strategies for building self-esteem, fostering self-determination and self-motivation. In addition, "Why Try" can be used in the classroom/day treatment setting and be aligned with the services provided by other agencies. The process being used to align services as a result of this action research case project has been a weekly meeting between the educational staff and day treatment staff. The impact of this action research project has 1) improved the relationships between staff and students; 2) stimulated and improved relationships between day treatment and educational staff; 3) and helped show all agencies involved with the care and education of the residents at Unity Care Group Home Inc. and students at Paradise School that we can work together efficiently to serve our children to our best abilities.


Thesis (M.A.) Teacher Education Department