Spring 2015

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Social, Behavioral & Global Studies


Equality should be share among individuals in our society. Age, race, ethnicity, sex, or gender should not be a cause for discrimination. The struggle for gender equality has brought many to construct research and movements throughout the world and in history. The question address in this research is why do women get paid less than men. The gender pay gap is a social problem that afflicts women in our society. This research exposes the different factors that contribute to the inequality in pay between men and women, and why it still persist in our society despite the laws and the awareness of social justice among individuals. Different information based on quantitative and qualitative research is presented to examine women’s economic attainment in comparison to men’s, which clearly shows the difference in pay between men and women.


Capstone Project (B.A.) Social, Behavioral and Global Studies Department