Spring 2015

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Social, Behavioral & Global Studies


The educational experience of English learners has been largely debated, especially after the passage of Proposition 227 in California in 1998. This proposition essentially banned bilingual education within public schools in the state. With English learners unable to use their native language in a scholastic setting in order to help them acquire English language skills, the educational experience of these students is of particular interest. Monterey County is an idea location as it has the second highest population of English Learners in the state after Imperial County, a county located on the national border with Mexico. Three Monterey County elementary school teachers were interviewed regarding their perspectives and understandings of how English learners navigate through the school system, the resources available to these students, impact of parental involvement and suggestions for improving the educational system for English learners and all students. Each teacher implements their own style in their classroom and based on that style, their approaches to improve the experience of their students differs. A common theme addressed in all interviews included better guidelines for bilingual education, if implemented, due to concern that students are not benefitting from the current bilingual education methods and guidelines.


Capstone Project (B.A.) Social, Behavioral and Global Studies Department