Spring 5-2016

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Capstone Project

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


In the 21st century artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as robots, mind uploading and cyborgs have probed at these questions:

Who is in control the machine or human?

What is the purpose of autonomous robots to humanity?

If a machine can pass the Turing Test then is it appropriate to be in society acting on free will?

How would a robot understand how to make someone feel loved?

Do their deep expressions of understanding the human condition make them like us?

Once a human has a cyborg technology are they then human or machine?

How and why would we want to upload our minds?

Will we sooner or later give up our bodies to technology?

If we store all of our memories and processes into a mechanical being then have we as a person died?

Will technology be able to dictate its own future without our intervention?

The purpose of this paper is to have a greater understanding of the ethical concerns around AI and its technologies. Specifically how these technologies have changed the concept of what it means to be human through consciousness, emotions, movements and interactions.

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