Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health and Human Services


Collaborative Health and Human Services (Public Health concentration)

First Advisor

Debra Dunn


Maintaining and improving the health of 5,000+ county employees is no easy task, but the Monterey County Health Department Employee Wellness (MCHDEW) program’s job is to do just that. There are many parts that fall under the category of health, and one area to research on is red meat consumption. A diet high in red meat can cause some of the health conditions of metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of health conditions that increase a person’s risk of heart disease. This is relevant because metabolic syndrome is found in one-third of county employees, and this contributes to increased healthcare costs. Some conditions of metabolic syndrome are high blood pressure and high glucose levels. A live webinar was held on Zoom to address the high metabolic rates of county employees. The goal of this class was for participants to rethink their diet, and to reduce their red meat consumption to live a healthier life. If employees can reduce their red meat consumption, their chances of getting metabolic syndrome are reduced, and they will not have to spend money to treat it. There are no results to prove that red meat consumption will be reduced as no post-surveys were filled out.