Assessment of How COVID-19 Restrictions Are Impacting Probationers

Emily Saldana Marquez, California State University, Monterey Bay


The San Benito County Probation Department is a local government agency that protects the public, provides services to the court, and assists clients to change behavior; serving juveniles ages 13-18 and adults over 18 years old. The macro-level problem is the potential increase in crime rates due to noncompliance of probationers. The micro-level problem is the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted San Benito County probationer’s compliance. The purpose of this project is to assess how COVID-19 restrictions have impacted probationer’s ability to follow compliance requirements. The expected outcome is to report on these impacts for the department to develop appropriate tools for probationers to be compliant with their terms and conditions when the department is closed. Recommendations are that with appropriate resources including more support from probation officers, assistance, and referrals, probationers will have fewer violations and will be more compliant.