Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


English Subject Matter Preparation

First Advisor

Jennifer Fletcher


As time passes by there is more representation of social movements due to their high exposure on social media. Technology has become a major part of our everyday lives and on average we spend many hours on social platforms. We are exposed to the injustices that occur every minute of every day through social media. Before, when technology was not accessible for everyone the news people received were from television, newspapers, or even magazines. Now, we have platforms such as Twitter and TikTok among others that provide us with news on any malpractice that occurs in our communities and society. With these platforms being active, a place is created for the community to expose the abuse of power, and social movements are more represented due to the raw content. Unlike television, where oftentimes we don't get to see the other side of the story, as it has occurred in many cases. Including the case of George Floyd; where Floyd was suffocated to death by police officers. Along with the positive outcomes, there are also negative effects. The high exposure of injustices that we see every day, every single time we log into any social media platform desensitizes us from the real issues occurring. People become emotionally detached from the transgressions that are shown online due to their recurring appearance. A "pat in the back" approach is adopted as audiences only like, share, or reshare content on social movements. Overall, for better or for worse, social media has had a great impact on social movement activism as it brings awareness to people all around the globe and doesn't discriminate.