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This paper serves to demonstrate and respond to the severe lack of college preparation (college-prep) resources available for students of color in the k-12 public education system. College-prep resources are crucial for students to be able to make the transition from high school to college. First generation students are especially in need of these resources as they lack the knowledge that second-generation students may receive from their parents who have already been through the process of applying, transitioning, and experiencing what higher education is like. Surveys were administered to current high school students of color applying for college. Survey data includes the number of current college-prep resources available to them, their knowledge of these resources, and their opinions on what other resources they would find necessary when applying to college. The responses given by students were compared to existing data on current resources available to students in predominantly communities of color as compared to students in predominantly white communities. Based on the comparisons, the suggestions from the students will be given to the schools where these students attended. This will give school faculty the opportunity to push for expansion of resources available to these students and future students. This allows first generation students a more equitable opportunity as white, and second-generation students when applying to higher education. In the long-term, this is hoped to increase the chances of these students getting into college and continuing to be successful as college students.

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