Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)





First Advisor

Axil Cricchio


Autism Spectrum Disorder’s nature of presenting socially awkward behaviors creates barriers for those with ASD in the job interview process. This problem raises questions on how the interview process can be redefined to be more inclusive. Dillenburger et al. conducted a study on interventions provided for individuals with ASD. The study concluded that most jobs do not provide an appropriate job interview process for those with ASD. Solomon et al. and Maras et al. both conducted studies that highlighted the social behaviors presented by individuals with ASD that prevented them from being hired during the job interview process. Both of these studies concluded that these behaviors expressed hindered this population from obtaining employment. Both of these studies point to the fact that the job interview process must change. Wehman et al. focused their study on individuals with ASD maintaining employment after obtaining a job. The results from this study conclude that it is not an inability to perform job related tasks that is preventing this population's employment. These studies were evaluated by the methodology of a review of literature. From this paper it was determined that the interview process is not inclusive for those with ASD. The interview process must be reconstructed to provide the appropriate inclusivity for those with ASD.