Spring 2017

Document Type

Master's Thesis (Open Access)

Degree Name

Master of Arts (M.A.)


Teacher Education


Everyday in elementary schools, instructional time is being lost due to the multiple transitions that take place throughout the school day. This study focuses on the implementation of the Timely Transitions Game (TTG) as a practical intervention meant to decrease transition times. A single case A-B-A-B whole class design was implemented in order to analyze transition times in a first grade classroom. Transition times were recorded when students transitioned into the classroom from morning recess, lunch recess, and physical education. Results indicated a decrease in transition times during the intervention phases when the TTG was implemented. In addition, an overall trend of decreasing transition times across baseline and intervention phases was evident. Findings revealed 95% non-overlapping data between baseline and intervention. This indicated a functional relationship between implementation of TTG and decreased transition times; therefore the TTG was an effective intervention for decreasing transition times.