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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Collaborative Health and Human Services


Rancho Cielo is a social and learning institution serving the disconnected and underserved youths situated in Monterey County who share the organization’s vision for their success in the future. The organization is ensuring self-esteem and self-sufficiency for every young person. The students are currently facing learning barriers that have an affect on their performance. To solve this, the students were asked to complete a workshop and survey. The project’s findings revealed that students enjoy their time when in Rancho Cielo and have managed to acquire valuable skills during their attendance. To address the lack of motivation among learners, Rancho Cielo should consider using the learning styles of the students for coming up with the curriculum of the future. At the same time, students should continue conducting an annual survey to identify the concerns of the students and problems within the agency.