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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


Humanities and Communication

First Advisor

Lee Ritscher


English Language Learners face struggles in the classroom that students who only speak English do not encounter. First I will highlight the problems and difficulties English Language students encounter in all aspects of their learning environment, using Ajay Srikanth’s essays on the equity of funding for English Learners. Then, I will propose solutions and strategies to help them based on thorough research and studies by Roselle Chartock in “Strategies and Lessons for Culturally Responsive Teaching : a Primer for k-12.” Chartock also talks about culturally responsive teaching in “Strategies and Lessons for Culturally Responsive Teaching : a Primer for k-12” which will illuminate the ways integration from ELL classrooms to standard English can be successful. I will also connect that research specifically to high school English classrooms at Seaside High School (both ELL and standard English) in order to best relate it to English Single Subject Matter Preparation and prepare strategies for my future classroom while also accounting on first hand experiences of current ELL students. Lastly, I will highlight the benefits of creating a more inclusive and diverse classroom and how this will impact a student’s future. I will relate these benefits to example lesson