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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


Humanities and Communication


The Pinocchio Boy is a series of short stories/memoirs and poems about my experiences as a Transgender and Gay man. Structured in five parts, I explore my childhood, young adulthood, and adulthood. My collection offers me an insight into what made me who I am today. There are drastic tonal shifts between the poem segments and the memoirs, I intended to act as the narrator of my story in which the poems and dialogue act as the characters in motion and the memoirs as my direct narration. A tongue-in-cheek fairy tale tone, but coming from a sincere place. My intent was to observe my life, even my regrets and mistakes, through humor and love. My story is not meant as informative considering queer identities are such a personal experience. I don’t want my story to be a universal truth. It is simply my truth. But finding similar stories to personal life experiences can be eye-opening. Representation is an ever-expanding project. So many LGBTQIA+ people are forced to be defined by their trauma because it is the easiest way for the hegemony of our society to consume our narratives. If we are in pain, they can sympathize, because who would choose to live like we do? This is a misunderstanding of the queer experience. We are not trauma, we are not pain, we are multifaceted individuals who so often have their anger and triumphs overlooked. I made a promise to myself that I would try and be the type of person that can put love and kindness out in the world. I consider this collection of work an apology to myself, a kindness and gentleness I hope to soothe my soul.

My intended audience is anyone who is looking for people like me, I wanted to see more Transgender Gay men and so I set out to fulfill that role. I wanted to facilitate solidarity and my need for acknowledgment I sought after in my own life. My story is important, my journey is quieted by the people and society I am surrounded by. I am just one singular person, I have not achieved any sort of acclaim, but I have lived a life of ignorance toward my own identity. I grew up not having the words and knowledge to define how I felt or explain who I was. I had to stumble over embarrassing and sometimes dangerous situations in order to discover the truth. I wish to encourage more people to share their stories, and to refuse to be hidden away or shamed out of speaking. A search for equality in self-reflection.