Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Patricia Whang


Parent involvement, despite class, race, gender, and socioeconomic status, has been strongly correlated with academic achievement. However, research has also indicated that there is a large gap between White and Latino student academic achievement. It is argued that Latino parents do want to be involved but are faced with many circumstances that do not allow them to be present in school. It is vital for teachers to do whatever is in their power to communicate and involve Latino parents. The focus of this Capstone Project is to explore what teachers are doing today to involve parents, but particularly, what teachers are doing to reach out to Latino Parents. This is an important issue because academic achievement is important for the students’ future. In order to prevent social reproduction, Latino students must succeed academically. After interviewing five teachers at Acorn Elementary, three action options emerged as ways to help increase Latino parent involvement. Based on the findings, action was undertaken to help teachers increase parent involvement.