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Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


There is low civic engagement from East Salinas residents in the Land Use efforts. The project was implemented through East Salinas Building Healthy Communities under the Land Use & Economic Equity area of focus. The project was to create a Training Manual for the Mi Nuevo Alisal Comité (My New Alisal Committee) in order to develop resident empowerment within Land Use efforts. This will serve Building Healthy Communities as a guide to know what tools the members of the Comité need to cultivate more community engagement in order to ensure efforts to be more community driven. During the October 2017 Comité meeting, a module from the training manual was implemented and then feedback through discussion was provided and recorded. Next, the training manual was disseminated to each of the members along with a presentation on each of the modules and feedback through discussion was provided and recorded as well. With this training manual, the Comité reported to have better guidance towards their expected outcomes. The Comité is now informed of what assistance and tools they will be receiving in order to shape into their roles as resident leaders. The first recommendation to the agency is to reach out to as many agency partners to assist in implementing the training modules as it will also help the Comité build connections within the community. Another recommendation would be to have the current Comité members develop and implement a plan to help increase the number of members in order to maximize effectiveness.

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