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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Human Development & Family Science


Human Development & Family Science


My project focuses on ways that Hispanic immigrant parents can stimulate their preschool children’s social and emotional development. Many children in the U.S. today are entering kindergarten not being emotionally and socially ready to spend time away from their caregivers and to have interactions with peers. When entering the school system for the first time children need to develop independence and social awareness. Communication and interactions between parent and child as well as the child with other children at a young age will both stimulate them and prepare them for interactions with others and set them a foundation for success. In the community of Watsonville, California, the general population is low-income and Hispanic immigrants. These factors directly relate to the issue of language barriers and resources which puts the children at a disadvantage causing them to play “catch up” to their peers. As a result of preschool children’s difficulties with social-emotional skills, as well as language barriers in the community, there is a need for services that will help parents identify and practice ways to stimulate social and emotional development within their children. When a child is prepared socially and emotionally the goal is to better prepare their children for the transition from home to school. To address this need I created a one-day workshop in both English and Spanish for parents of preschoolers, that was provided through a local non-profit organization called La Manzana in Watsonville, CA, in hopes of teaching parents different ways to communicate with their child in ways that are verbal, non-verbal, and physical for their child to gain social and emotional development.