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Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health and Human Services


Children from low-income families in Santa Cruz County are less likely to be prepared for kindergarten. The Healthy Start Program, a Division of Student Services Organization, helps improve the health of children and their families through a broad of a network of partners located throughout Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. The agency develops collaborative systems and links among participants, facilitate communication, and focuses attention on data and outcomes. The Early Education and Parent Involvement project was implemented at Pajaro Family Resource Center at Pajaro Middle School. The purpose of this project was to give opportunities to families to volunteer the Healthy Start office, to teach parents the importance of parent engagement in their child’s education. The expected outcomes were to have at least five volunteers, guide them through the volunteer process, assign dates and hours, conduct volunteer interviews, and offer workshops on the importance of parent engagement and curriculum for kindergarten. The project started by creating a flyer and announcing the project to parent’s who come into the office. The results of this project were that one parent volunteered and the process for parent volunteerism was set into motion. Even though, this project started with only one volunteer, it is believed that this experience will make a difference in the lives of her children. In addition, Healthy Start can advocate this project to other Healthy Start sites to encourage more parents to volunteer and learn more about the importance of kindergarten readiness for the development of the child.

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