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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy

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Adrienne Saxton


Residents in Monterey and San Benito county need up-to-date information on resources and services in their communities to enhance their quality of life. In partnership with the Central Coast Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice, the Connection Program has helped to implement an update of their 2014 Connection Program Resource Binder to address this need. The 2017 Connection Program Resource Binder is a research and needs-based project that will supply staff members with information and applications necessary to help their patients and, in turn, for the community to become more aware of what resources are available to them. The project was carried out through a Pre-Connections Binder Distribution survey that determined what resources were needed and later, a Connection Program Binder Distribution survey that evaluated the updated binder and provided recommendations. Evaluation results indicated that eight out of nine participants felt there was new/relevant information and the binder was useful. Furthermore, five out of the nine participants in the evaluation survey contributed additional resources, compared to the four who contributed in the pre-distribution survey. Results showed that agency staff members felt an update was desirable and helpful. A diverse population means diverse needs, so it is important for employees to have a wide range of knowledge of the most current and most-used services every year. With an updated resource binder, agency staff members can help patients flourish as individuals or as family units.

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