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Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Human Development & Family Science


The focal topic of this capstone project is preschool children’s increasing emotional regulation skills. Many young children still need some guidance to help them regulate their emotions in preschool settings. Early peer experiences are important for young children’s well-being, contributing to their social, emotional, and cognitive development and laying a foundation for later success in school and beyond (Bulotsky-Shearer et al.). “Even in preschool, where the development of social and emotional competencies is a learning priority, evidence-based strategies for fostering positive, interconnected, and integrated (across diverse groups) peer relationships in classrooms are limited.” In the absence of emotion regulation in preschool classrooms because of the above problem, there is a need for lessons to help children build the skills necessary to learn how to communicate and express their emotions. I will develop three lessons to help children take steps to build skills to identify and recognize their emotions. Learn how to use calming strategies to help them regulate negative emotions. Children will learn that by recognizing emotions and using calming techniques, they can have positive interactions with peers. I will create lessons at MCOE Frank Paul Elementary School for 8 Hispanic/Latino preschool children to help them develop the necessary skills to help them regulate their emotions. The three topics discussed in this paper are children’s learning to regulate negative emotions, building positive interactions, and using calming strategies to help them regulate.

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