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Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


The problem among the Central Coast VNA & Hospice is that the volunteer services are being underutilized. While researching data, there were a high number of hospice patients that were not using the volunteer services. According to VNA & Hospice, from January through June 2017, the average number of patients on service were 150. From those patients, only an average of 40 patients utilize the hospice volunteer services. A need assessment project was conducted by creating a survey for hospice patients that declined the hospice volunteer services. The project was implemented through the volunteer department by making phone calls to survey the patients, caregivers, and/or family members who declined the volunteer services. The expected outcomes of the project were to survey around 50 families, but due to the expiration (passed away) of patients only 8 surveys were collected. The results of the surveys showed that patients were familiar with the volunteer services available, but rejected the services due to having enough family support or private caregiving. Families were unable to give suggestions or recommendation to the hospice volunteer department for that reason being that they do not utilize those services. Results also showed that if needed, family would like to have a volunteer who can provide more hands-on support. Recommendations for the agency include starting a service where volunteers have a credible certificate or license to be more hands on and help hospice patients physically in ways such as: transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, assisting them with personal hygiene, and helping them to the restroom.

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