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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Charter schools as a whole are exceptionally underfunded causing a recurring challenge faced by these institutions. Despite receiving yearly support from the state due to cuts in education and increasing costs in the state, many charter schools are left insufficiently funded. Most charter schools in California are categorized as a Basic Aid district and funded by the State of California depending on the Average Daily Attendance (CDE, 2016). Monterey Bay Charter School (MBCS) is a nonprofit, tuitionfree, public charter school that strives for diversity and accessibility. MBCS was founded in 1998 by teachers and parents who were inspired by the innovative Waldorf model of education. Monterey Bay Charter School has been educating and inspiring students through alternative teaching methods to further help students learn (MBCS, 2017). The school’s mission is to, ‘Inspire joyful learning and courageous living’, in their students through their faculty (MBCS, 2017). The school’s budget is supplemented with grants, fundraising as well as donations to fill the gap where the state falls short. A video commercial was developed to showcase Monterey Bay Charter School and its unique programs. To further establish its presence in Monterey County and bring awareness to their need for funds. The school is currently running off of a paper based system that causes delays in day to day operation from student attendance to lesson readiness. The school is also now required by the state of California to have student computers for standardized testing by mid-year of 2018. By utilizing the commercial with a link to a GoFundMe account, the goal is to raise funds for staff/ student computers and awareness of Monterey Bay Charter School in Monterey.