Educating El Salvadoran Students for Academic Success

Denisse Tejeda, California State University, Monterey Bay


There are many El Salvadoran students in many schools in the Monterey Bay Area; however, many teachers are not aware that El Salvadoran student population continues to grow. Most importantly, El Salvadoran students will be part of the future of the United States; as a result, it is important to educate El Salvadoran students for academic success. The purpose of my project is to discover ways in which teachers educate El Salvadoran students for academic success. After interviewing teachers, conducting anonymous surveys where El Salvadoran voiced their opinion, and interviewing two program staff members I found several answers. My findings indicate that many teachers in the Monterey area already teach for academic success and that there are many programs in place that help El Salvadoran students be academically successful.