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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health and Human Services


Collaborative Health and Human Services


The Youth Violence Prevention Task Force, YVPT, is a branch of the United Way that strives to reduce and prevent violence among youth in the county. The task force functions using a public health approach that emphasizes prevention, intervention, and suppression. In response to the high violence rates among youth, the task force organized dialogue sessions in the community. During the dialogue process, there was a growing need to create a resource for community partners involved in the process. Consequently, a web page that includes; information, updates, and supplemental documents was created to educate partner organizations, the community, and others doing similar work. The project focused on telling the organizing story behind the community dialogues as well as creating a space for future updates on the dialogue process. The primary purpose of creating this project was to be a resource to the YVPT organizing team and their partners. The development of the web page was divided into four phases; research, web page development, gathering documents, and outreach. The project increased participant’s awareness and knowledge of the dialogue process to achieve rich participation. It is recommended to assign someone to update the page as the task force continues with the dialogues.