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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Humanities & Communication


Human Communication

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Umi Vaughan


The purpose of this essay is to educate California State University Monterey Bay students, the professors, and members of the Marina, Seaside, and Monterey community about the oppressive history that occurred in Pacific Grove towards the early Chinese who traveled to California. As far as research methods go, I read scholarly articles that included a history of the reoccurring conflicts between the Chinese fishermen and the business along Cannery Row, and books on what the Chinese endured while traveling to California. I attended events in the town of Pacific Grove that relate back to my topic, such as The Walk of Remembrance which is an event to bring awareness of the Chinese who have been present in the Monterey Bay area since before the 1850’s. I went to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History to educate myself from a historian’s point of view of the town, and I interviewed members of the community who are educated in the oppressive history of the area. The community members I interviewed have lived in the Monterey Bay area their whole life, and they have been involved with the community in educating about the oppression many of the early Chinese and Chinese American citizens faced.