Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Social, Behavioral & Global Studies


As America’s geriatric population increases due to the Baby Boomer generation getting older, it is crucial for sociologists to investigate the current social services available to the aging population. Increasing longevity of older adults means focusing promoting health, wellbeing and independence through different services and promoting a positive perspective of seniors by general society. The focus of this research is to examine the current geriatric resources available to seniors in Monterey County. My research question is: “To what extent are the current social services available to seniors fulfilling the needs of the community?” I would like to assess the current state of access to social services that promote overall positive health and wellbeing of seniors. Specifically, I would like to analyze the need and use of mental health programs that were created specifically for adults over the age of 65.There are currently not enough programs for aging adults to address their mental health and I want to bring awareness to that. After concluding this research, I would recommend that there is more promotion of these services to all ages so that people are aware that aging does not have a blueprint, and there are many stereotypes surrounding elderly that need to be re-examined. Although I believe that mental health assistance and promoting age perception through Gerotranscendence theory is crucial to cultivating an age-friendly society, I understand that there are immediate needs that must be met for seniors. The following is the recommended actions needed, from the researcher's perspective