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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Health and Human Services


Collaborative Health and Human Services


The Eagle Safety Nest (hereafter Safety Nest) is a new mental health and emotional support center located at Everett Alvarez High School. The program is a pilot that will be used as a model for other Salinas Union High School District schools. The Safety Nest is designed to serve as a place where students will be able to access a wide-range of resources to support their academic success and overall well-being. In order to assist the program standardize internship experiences for future interns, a resource guide was developed to include a broad range of resources, activities and information for future interns. The Technology Resource Guide for The Safety Nest Wellness Center provides information on mindfulness, coping with stress, self-care and a tool-kit. The tool-kit includes a variety of stress coping supplies. Future interns will find this tool invaluable to their ability to integrate themselves into the Safety Nest and begin to support students towards success.