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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies

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Paoze Thao


As a prospective educator and mother of six children, I often ask myself, what specific benefits can my child obtain through an after-school program? What is the structure of the after-school program? Would my child get help with homework if he or she needs it? Would he or she be allotted time to read, and does the after-school program follow the mandated Common Core State Standards? Organizations such as The Youth Orchestra of Salinas (YOSAL) as well as those associated within our elementary schools offer additional support to help meet the needs and interests of all students, parents, educators and interested stake holders. Even though all of the needs of our children may not be met within one specific program, the myriad of after-school programs offered within our communities do, in fact, offer sufficient positive resources to meet the needs of our children, students, and parents.