Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Collaborative Health and Human Services

First Advisor

Gary Rodriguez

Second Advisor

Lindsay Wetzel Polin


Health and Wellness Services (HWS) at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) takes an integrative health approach to support the CSUMB campus community. There six entities that make up HWS, however, the Condom Dispenser Program (CDP) was implemented under Health Promotion and Education (HPE). The mission of HPE is to ensure that CSUMB community members are reaching holistic wellness through the adoption of healthy behaviors. This goal is met through programming, outreach, and education that is provided.

The need that was discovered through analysis of the National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) was that students are not using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The contributing factors are the cost, lack of convenient access, social norms, and lack of knowledge on how to use a condom effectively. The consequences that can stem from not using condoms to prevent STIs would be increased risk and undiagnosed STIs

In order to begin to address some of the contributing factors HPE collaborated with Monterey County Health Department, Student Housing and Residential Life, Campus Planning and Development, Campus Facilities, and the Dean of Students to install 14 external condom dispensers in the housing facilities. The expected outcomes were to address the convenience and cost barrier that students have when accessing condoms. The results that were gathered from students had a low response rate and conclusions cannot be fully made, however, the project will continue on past the graduation of the student intern.