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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Alliance on Aging is a nonprofit agency in Salinas, California. It was established in 1970, and they help serve the needs of the senior citizen community by offering multiple services. Working professionals experience high levels of stress in the workplace. Although there are many contributing factors for high stress in the workplace, the main factors at play are the lack of self-care and lack of support Zastrow (pg. 332, 2015). Because working professionally in the human services field experience high stress the consequences they may face are burnout, high turnover rates, and poor overall health. The capstone project will assess high stress in health and human service professionals working at Alliance On Aging. The implementation of this project will be to conduct a 10-question online survey, and the participants will be staff members at Alliance On Aging. The purpose of the project will help determine the stress level and self-care practices from staff. My expected outcome in the survey is to show high levels of stress and a lack of self-care practices among survey participants. The most important findings noted after analyzing surveys was the stress levels among staff was minimal. Most respondents reported moderate stress levels rather than severe stress levels. Many survey participants already practiced some form of self-care making the stress levels minimal. Since most participants show some level of stress while practicing self-care, the next steps I would like to recommend a few ideas which can help reduce stress. Stress relief recommended ideas are group walks, tools to release stress, offering healthy snacks, and staff acknowledgment, praise, or incentives.