Document Type

Capstone Project (Open Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health and Human Services


Social Work/Community Health

First Advisor

Stephanie McMurtrie


Mental health is a problem that can affect anyone at any age. Fortunately, some programs and agencies such as Mariposa Wellness Center-Community Connection provide services and support for those who are not getting the appropriate treatment. There is a lack of access to health care; therefore, many people are suffering from a mental health condition without treatment leading to consequences such as suicide. Santa Cruz county has on average 45.7 suicides per year in comparison to the state which was 10.4 and the U.S. which was 13.9 from 2014-2016 (Ingalls, 2019). The project addressed this disparity by creating and implementing a curriculum for mental health support groups. The information was delivered in a series of mental health support groups that were designed to provide participants with the skills to manage their symptoms of the most common mental health diagnosis, including Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Depression, and Schizophrenia. The results showed that mental health support groups were successful and useful for participants. It was concluded that 100% of the participants who attended mental health support groups acquired new knowledge about their mental health diagnosis. Furthermore, the results showed that more than 85% of the participants practiced new skills learned in these groups. Therefore, it was recommended to the agency to continue using the curriculum for the mental health support groups.