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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Children are affected by their parent’s substance abuse; either by emotional, physical, mental and/or behavioral issues throughout life. In the long-run children with parents whom have substance abuse in the home are at higher risk of becoming dependent on drugs themselves, due to the exposure of such an environment. Studies have shown this to be four times more likely compared to children that grow up with parents who do not suffer from substance abuse. Parents with substance abuse tend to come to the attention of the system; due to negligence or the parent’s ability to adequately care for their children when under the influence of drugs. Families participate in getting assistance with programs offered to address the issues to avoid removal of the children. The capstone project consists of gathering data from questionnaires that were answered by the clients involved in the programs. The material gathered helps with finding ways to help decrease the number of referrals from child negligence and see how effective and beneficial the Community Case Management program is. During the interview process with the intern and client, it was noticed that engaging and serving families by developing a plan together (social worker and participant) is beneficial for non-re-entry to the CPS system and reduces the risk concerns of the children. It is recommended to continue to provide referrals/references and support to the participants in the program after the 6 month term.