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Capstone Project (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Health, Human Services and Public Policy


Rancho Cielo Youth Campus is a vocational training school where youth ages 16-24 can still acquire their High School Diploma and gain work experience. The main social issue within this organization is system impacted youth. System impacted youth is defined as a “juvenile” which is a youth who has not attained his/her eighteenth birthday and violated the law committing a crime which could have been done by an adult. Contributing factors to this social issue include truancy, peer pressure from fellow classmates, and impulsive behavior. Consequences include incarceration of the youth, a criminal record affecting the youth’s stability, and inability to contribute to society due to their criminal record. To address the social issue a Resume Workshop was created in Rancho Cielo. The idea of the workshop was that students in the construction academy would gain knowledge of what a resume is and then would be guided into creating their own resume adding skills they learned from the vocational training portion of their education at Rancho Cielo. To measure the effectiveness of the workshop a pre and post survey was created. During the pre survey 34.8% agreed to being satisfied with their current resume, 21.7% were comfortable with creating their own resume, 21.7% felt comfortable with addressing their own skills on a resume, and 47.8% disagreed to knowing the purpose of a cover letter. After the post survey was taken 63.2% were satisfied with the resume created during the workshop, 57.9% were comfortable creating their own resume, 36.8% felt comfortable with addressing their own skills on a resume, and 36.8% agreed to knowing the purpose of a cover letter.