Document Type

Capstone Project (Campus-Only Access)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Patty Whang


There are many challenges in offering differentiated instruction to students with varying abilities and learning styles in the inclusive classroom. There is an even greater challenge when it comes to teaching students with disabilities and special learning needs. This senior Capstone examined the use of arts integration initiatives, into traditional subject matter, to advance students with disabilities in their academic and social outcomes. This is an issue of concern because a majority of school districts throughout the United States have reduced or completely removed art programs from the inclusive classroom curriculum. An analysis of teacher interviews, parent surveys, and the scholarly literature, supports the argument that arts integration plays a crucial role in the academic and social advancement of students with special needs. Furthermore, three major action options emerged from an analysis of the data. Based on the findings, teacher participation in arts integration was the most viable action to provide students with disabilities more opportunities to incorporate artistic expression and differentiated learning outcome while attaining traditional subject content. Art has always been part of our social advancement, cultural expression, global innovation, and personal communication...why stop now?

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